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The “Center for Sustainable Energy Technology” (CSET) is a non-governmental development organization involved in energy and development research, and related policy interventions for sustainable development and poverty reduction in Liberia. CSET is also involved in advocacy, public awareness programs and conducting workshops/seminars for the spread of information on the use of clean and renewable energy technologies in Liberia. CSET is accredited by the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs.

CSET serves as a resource center for the dissemination of information on clean energy technologies, with emphasis on renewable energy as alternative energy sources. The center is aimed at accelerating the use of renewable energy technologies that can be used in areas such as schools, health clinics, agriculture, and micro-enterprises in Liberia. CSET is committed to undertaking research and projects that will impact the society, economy,
environment, and enhance sustainable development.

The Center’s work is intrinsically multidisciplinary, reflecting multi-sectoral and problem-solving orientations with staff and consultants having diverse professional and technical backgrounds. Additionally, CSET undertakes mainly energy & development research, supported by empirical investigations. Broadly, our research is oriented towards investigating means to improve the standard of living by putting forth energy as integral part of national poverty reduction strategies, enhancing economic efficiency, capacity development, and environmental sustainability.

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